DIT solutions

Discover our on-set solutions for color grading, backup, transcoding, dailies deliviring and archiving solutions throughout filming. We also provide gear for on set solutions: mobile energy, fiber transmission, storage and more...

DIT on set

- Macbook Pro M1 2022
- 3G or 12G capabilities for 4K monitoring

- Live grading up to 4 caméras (BOX I/O, ISMini, Teradek ColR, AJA Colorbox)
- Livegrade Studio, Silverstack
- Fiber solutions (for extanded iris control, and multiple HDSDI transmissions) 
- Aja 16x16 12G HDSDI routeur
- Atem Constellation 20x8 video switcher  
- Tangent Element (TK,KB,BT,MF)
- 12V output
- 220v powered solutions

DIT near set

- Mac Studio M2 Ultra
- Up to 120 TB of storage in RAID6
- Shuttles drives NVME, SSD..
- 4K monitoring solutions
- Readers (compact flash, SD, SSD, Cfast2 …)
- Tangent Element (TK,KB,BT,MF)
- Streamdeck
- 220v supplied by battery

Optical fiber

The BLINK allow you to extend SDI and LBUS connections through optical fiber technology up to 1Km.

It’s come with two enclosures linked by a strong but lightweight tactical optical fiber.

Specially designed for on-set application, where the distance between video village and cameras is too far, the BLINK allow you to plug a RIA-1 and a HI-5/WCU4 or SXU1 through optical fiber.



Thunderbolt 3 or 4, RAID 0, 1, 5, or 6, SSD, NVME, HDD, LTO...
A bunch of fast and secure storage solutions dedicated for RAW and video file applications

Small data

- Up to 116TB of storage in RAID 5 or 6
- Shuttles drives NVME, SSD
- Monitoring HD/SDI
- Tangent Element (TK,KB,BT,MF)
- Streamdeck
- 24v et 220v powering
- Quiet (27dB)

Mobile energy

-UE 1460WH (220V, max 1500W)
-UE 5650WH (220V, max 3000W)