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Workshop Colorbox#1


Le 16 mars 2019, s’est tenu dans les locaux d’Arri France, notre premier workshop!
L’occasion pour nous de présenter nos machines et de partager notre experience autour du film « La Promesse de l’Aube »

Chef opérateurs, assistants caméras, DIT, Data manager, ont fait de cet évenement une journée riche en partage et en échange.

Merci à tous d'etre venu aussi nombreux!


'Patriot' Season 2: TV Review


Arguably the best drama you're not watching, or haven't even discovered, Amazon's gem returns for more existential spy action, laughs and folk songs.

Not that it matters, but sometimes you're on a critical island because a series you love or loathe puts you there. But sometimes you're on that island because in the Peak TV era, others may have forgotten to swim out to it.

In 2017, Amazon's quirky and brilliant drama Patriot made its way to No. 6 (out of 46) on my list of best series of the year, and I fretted that I had put it too low. I have no idea if any other critics ended up watching the entire 10-episode run of Patriot. But I have a pretty good idea that I'm one of the only reviewers who put it on a best-of list for 2017 and routinely, passionately touted it during that year. The series suffered from Amazon's now-abandoned strategy under its old regime of posting pilots online for viewers to "vote" on, which means that the pilot for Patriot was available Nov. 5 of — wait for it — 2015, before eventually starting its real season Feb. 24 of — wait for it again — 2017.


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